Arabica Coffee

Have you heard about nootropic coffee?


I know it sounds a little weird at first and many people scoffed when I first mentioned nootropic coffee. (Sorry, Em!) But my life was changed when I discovered these elements and my team developed this blend. It’s all the best things about coffee (and I LOVE my coffee!) mixed with the benefits of mind nourishment and mental performance. Obviously, I highly recommend it!


What is our Nootropic Coffee Mix?


Uncensored Coffee Nootropic Blend is a unique combination of dried medicinal mushrooms, L Theanine, guarana, cordycepts, theacrine and ground arabica coffee. The result is a health-supporting beverage that has less mid day crashing caffeine and more antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients than regular coffee. And, no, it doesn’t taste like dirt!

This blend has a variety of health benefits without the earthy taste that everyone hates from vitamins. By pairing this blend with flavor-rich arabica beans, you create an adaptogenic beverage that also tastes delicious.

Our nootropic coffee can be made in a variety of brews from standard coffee pot to cold brew and still provide the life improving benefits.




Uncensored’s nootropic coffee blend creates a balanced synergy of calm, energy and focus.


Here’s why our coffee is just simply better:


The right kind of energy

Coffee alone can have many health benefits, but it also has a few drawbacks. Coffee by itself can be a little too stimulating. Sure, it gives you energy, but sometimes it’s the type of energy that makes you feel distracted, scattered, and jittery – even irritable! This can promote anxiety and interfere with sleep.

Uncensored nootropic coffee provides a more balanced kind of energy. With half the caffeine of regular coffee replaced with our nootropic blend, Uncensored coffee is still energizing but in the most desirable ways. It also contains the adaptogenic and grounding properties from the lions mane. This means the energy you feel from Uncensored coffee is smooth and focused.


Reduces Stress and Increases Resilience


The adaptogenic qualities of the nootropics also soothe away stress and anxious thought patterns. This helps you “adapt” to everyday challenges instead of going into fight-or-flight mode.

Nootropic coffee also promotes healthy sleep patterns, since you aren’t overstimulated when you drink it. If you have trouble settling down at night, replace your afternoon latte with Uncensored coffee and you’ll rest easier.


Improved Digestion


Normal coffee is known to cause indigestion for some, which can make your morning cup of joe both a blessing and a curse. Our blend has digestive benefits that can help counteract the coffee effect.

So nootropic coffee helps you cut back on the total amount of coffee you drink, while soothing your digestive system at the same time!


How to add Uncensored Coffee your daylight routine


Drink one cup of Uncensored nootropic coffee in place of your regular cup of coffee to start your day feeling energized, focused, and vibrant.


Make it fit your fitness


My favorite way to drink my Uncensored nootropic coffee is with a tablespoon of grass-fed ghee or MCT oil. This keeps me energized and craving-free all day (it’s perfect for a keto diet).

Plus, you’ll be able to cut back on your two or more-cup-a-day coffee habit! It’s a win-win for your health and wellness.


Try the Uncensored Nootropic Coffee for Two Weeks! 


My favorite option is the nootropic medium roast coffee mix with one Splenda packet.

Uncensored Coffee has multiple flavors and roasts for whatever your taste preferences are.

These roast options all taste delicious – so get your daily dose of brain nourishment while enjoying a great flavored coffee. Uncensored Coffee truly has a roast for every cup!


I challenge you to switch out your daily coffee with Uncensored Nootropic Coffee instead. Try it for 2 weeks and then let me know how you feel!